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2012-01-31 - 10:56 p.m.

It seems like just a couple of hours ago I was thinking how fast the week went by and I was marveling that it was already the weekend. Just a little while ago I had the sudden realization that tomorrow is already Wednesday. I barely had time to notice the new workweek was on and tomorrow is the halfway point already. Every bit of my yearning for weekends has gone away because of working at home. It is way better than I imagined. I just want to do this from now on.

I got an estimate for some repairs at my house and it was far less than I was expecting. I am waffling back and forth like a crazy person about whether to move back to my house or stay here and lease or sell my house. Today, I feel like I want to move to my house. I could sit right here and talk myself out of it in a hot minute, but I'm thinking thoughts about picking out new fixtures for the sinks and new counter tops for my kitchen. I'd like to have granite of course, but that is not the right thing to do in a basic average house like that. I need to just do good quality medium type things for that house and save the granite counter tops for my next home. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath medium house with a big yard, a fireplace, and is in the best school district in the whole region. Maybe I should sell it. AAUUUGGHHH! I don't know.

I had a nice girlie bath, gave myself a pedicure, lotioned everything up, ate a fattening sandwich that was delicious while I watched the biggest losers working their asses off - literally. I am usually eating something they cannot have while I watch them suffer. It's wrong, but they don't know, so I am only hurting myself. Right?

That sandwich was my dinner and I made it with sourdough bread which is lower glycemic than regular bread. I made it with pastrami and swiss and those little banana pepper rings. I dearly love those things. Tangy is my favorite flavor. My sandwich must have been salty, because I am thirsty as hell. Gotta get water...

Awhile ago, Dexter was laying on my lap and I started messing with his mind. I let one hand very slowly sneak towards him while he is not looking. Then when he turns his head to look, I stop. He instantly knows something foul is afoot and he gets very nervous. I keep doing this until he is fully paranoid. When he gives up on trying to face the other way and just turns so he can keep an eye on the enemy hand, I move the other hand, ever.... so.... slightly. He sort of slowly turns just his eyes to assess the new attacker. It is funny because I can see the whites of his eyes at this point and he looks ridiculous. He looks like Ren Hoek on the verge of a full melt down. Just when his eyes are on the second offending hand, I move the fingers of the first sneaky attack hand and this really gets his goat. Then I just play him like a fiddle, moving one hand and then the other and slowly, ever so slowly, moving both hands closer to him. He gets more and more riled up as the hands get closer. If I go in close enough for him to snap, I start moving my fingers in a sort of opening and closing motion and this makes Dexter work his jaws along with it. He is all wild eyed at this point and he's opening and closing his mouth like I've got strings attached to his lips or something. It's very funny. Well, tonight, when the hands were moving in, I knew he looked extra riled, and before my hands got all the way in to his mouth moving stage, he suddenly freaked out and jumped off my lap and stood there on the floor in front of me just barking. I think he was cussing me out. haha. He barked and barked. Then he was so angry he had to fight and run circles in the apartment. He was just vicious to his quarry, the hated flat raccoon toy. He really unleashed the fury on that thing. He broke its neck 9 ways from Sunday.

Peculiar, funny, bitey, little yapper. He's good company. He has no idea why I've stopped going to work, but he digs it. Now he has a full time servant and that is how he likes things.

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