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2012-04-06 - 12:24 a.m.

Wow, it's already late for Thursday and early for Friday. Fooey. Time flies too fast.

I am in a happy mood today. There are lots of possibilities around me and I have finally stopped suffering over my lost relationship.

Can I get a halla-loo-yer?

I would have stopped suffering long ago if I had fully realized the situation and seen it for what it was. I wish he had just been honest so we could both save that last year of grief and futile struggle.

I was hanging on to some crazy notion that the relationship could be saved and returned to how it was in the beginning. That guy I fell for never really existed. Just smoke and arrogance. I finally see that. I have cried my last tear and suffered my last night over that mess.

It's springtime in Fuckitsville and the living is easy.

I think I have learned a couple of valuable lessons and I am going to take Iyanla Van Zant's advice and next time I see crazy coming, I'm gonna cross the street. You know, I like weird. And it has not served me well.

Someone approached me wanting to look at my house. They liked it and I think they are going to make an offer. If we can agree on a price, I'm selling. Then I have to decide whether to put down roots here...a place I love... or maybe I will up and move again. I'm seriously thinking about it. Life is short and I want to experience some things. I'd like a cooler climate and access to some mountains.

I am also planning a vacation and curiously enough, I have been pining for the Fjords. I never thought I would find myself pining for the Fjords, but I watched a travel show about Norway and saw the Fjords and now... I'm pining for 'em. I want to go to Norway and see all the viking stuff. I hope I don't take my house sale money and travel the world instead of buying another house. haha

I could spend that money 100 different ways. I got places to put some money. I need to start buying lottery tickets.

I need to hit the sack. I have another grueling day of hard, hard work ahead of me.

Life is good.

Hey, I just found that I have notes that I didn't know about! Artgnome, you made me laugh with the thing about asking my stalker if he knows Jesus!! LOL. I have actually used that to get rid of people before!! As funny as it is, it really works.

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