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2012-06-01 - 12:32 a.m.

Well it's about time I updated!

I had things going on... things I've been keeping on the down low ... things I would want to blurt if I were to get on here to update. So I spared myself the temptation to blurt before it was time.

Really. it's still not time because it's not officially a done deal and could still go teats up, hypothetically, although I doubt it will. The reason it was a secret was because I had not announced it to my whole family and didn't want to risk someone finding out accidentally online and then being upset that they weren't told sooner. My whole family knows now, so it's safe to blurt.

Here's the scoop: I sold my house. The Louisiana house. I cannot possibly express how flipping excited I am to be rid of that money pit. It needs everything done and the sale just fell into my lap. I will tell that story later, because the real news and the real secret was that I also am buying a new house in Texas!! After much miserable contemplation and going back and forth between living here where I am happy or in Louisiana where my family is, I finally came to the decision to stay here in Texas where I'm happy and where the real estate is excellent.

I was having one of those major life decision crisis moments for a really extended time and finally just blurted it all out into the universe. I listed my choices and rambled on about not knowing what to do and needing to make a decision that I won't regret later. Very soon after I had this cosmic spleen venting, things began to happen. When the answer comes, it comes quickly.

My next door neighbor's adult daughter contacted me to see if I wanted to sell my house. I didn't particularly want to sell it and I first told her that it was not what she wanted, she should keep looking, I didn't have time to get it cleared out and ready for buyers... etc, excuses, etc... So she gave up and went away for a bit. Eventually, she came back and said that she really did want my house and it would be perfect for her little family and her parents would be right next door to be their built in babysitters. So I told her for the right price I would sell and surprise surprise, she agreed to my price. There was a little haggling, but I held firm to my price because I didn't care if I sold it or not. So I got every penny of my asking price and to make matters so much better, it appraised for exactly my price. If it had appraised for 10 thousand or more above that, I would have been sick about it. Right after that deal was started and the contract had been signed, I started looking around at the real estate in Louisiana and here. I knew I would need to reinvest the money in my next home. So I went to a new subdivision very close to where I live now and drove around looking at the new houses they've been building. I noticed they had a brand new model house open and the home sales office is in that house. I stopped to tour it because it was such the house of my dreams. The model house has every possible upgrade and it is just awesome. Someday I might buy it. The sales girl told me she had one in the exact same floor plan already built and on a special sale price. I toured it and loved it. It was about 30K more than I intended to spend on a house, but it was do-able. However, I was in no hurry and I went away that day with no plan to buy it. A couple of weeks later, the sales girl called me and told me they were having a ridiculous mark down in prices just for the weekend and my house would definitely sell over the weekend. She called me first, because she knew I liked it a lot. They were willing to sell it for a crazy low price, the lowest price I've seen in that neighborhood. It was marked down to my target price exactly! That's the universe elbowing me and saying "go for it, dummy". So I went for it and was pre-approved for my loan. I knew that they sometimes mark them way down and blow them out because they are building a large subdivision here and they have to keep them moving so they can keep building. Every few months they do an aggressive campaign to move several houses. So along with the dream house, they threw in the closing costs, and 10K worth of upgrades such as a fancy front door, 2 inch blinds throughout, sod and sprinkler system front and back yard, stainless steel whirlpool side by side fridge, washer and dryer, etc.

The house is 2020 sq ft, has 3 bedrooms, an office, formal dining, gourmet kitchen, covered patio, the highest ceilings!! I have no idea how I'm going to change light bulbs. It's extremely roomy in there because the ceilings are just so high. There is a beautiful master bath with separate tub and shower, garden tub, marble top counters, gorgeous cabinets with crown moulding. A utility room. A huge walk in closet. A walk in pantry!! I love love love this house. It is exactly what I wanted and it is so perfect for my needs. I work at home, so the office is going to be awesome. I love that I will be working in the main part of the house and not shoved into a third bedroom. There is a fenced yard that will be so great for Dexter to run in. He has never been able to just run free outside. He can't get out of that yard. There is a very nice privacy fence all around the back yard. No gaps anywhere. The carpet is upgraded, perfect, and of course, new. The entry way has hard wood floors, real, not veneer. And a rotunda!!! The kitchen, breakfast area, and bathrooms have nice ceramic tile flooring. There is a big marble top island in the kitchen. So much work space! There is a second bathroom right by the guest bedrooms. It's laid out nicely with a split plan and the master bedroom away from the other bedrooms. The formal dining room could be a library or parlor instead of dining. I'm undecided on that. I will probably go with dining and Thanksgiving will be here this year.

It is my dream house. It appraised for well over what I paid, so I've already made money on it. Hypothetical money, but still... equity. I'm putting down a wad, so it's already got a lot of equity. I am very excited about it now and can't wait to start buying things for it. I am going to wait until the deal has closed and they hand me the keys before I buy anything, because if there are any bad surprises, I could bail. I want the house, but I won't let them screw me in some way. I really didn't know if my old house sale would go through, because of appraisals and inspections, but it did. It's not all the way through yet and there is one thing worrying me. The buyer is having some health problems and is getting test results and if she had some dreaded disease, she'd most likely bail on her end. So there's that. But that is probably not going to happen, because this whole thing fell into my lap without me doing anything to make it happen. It seems like a gift from God. My costs won't be any more than rent has been and it's so much more room. Plus, Exxon is building a new headquarters in this area and there will be about 7,000 employees there. This means the property values are likely to go up. I think there's no downside to buying it. If I don't like living there (not too likely to happen) I can sell it. It's the cutest damn house. I have set up a flikr account for uploading the pics and I will put the address here. I don't know if it will show you my pics or not. If it doesn't work, I'll host them someplace else so you can see. The pics I took so far just show the outside of my house and the interior pictures are the model house. So my house has those features too, but my house is empty at this point and mine is lighter and brighter, which I love. My house does not have the stone walls inside. I could add that for a mere 4.5K more. haha. I might do something like that, but I like it the way it is. I'll take pictures inside when I get moved in and get some decorating done.

Here is the web address of my flikr pictures, I hope:


There are a bunch of pictures. Like 34 of them. The front door is 8 feet tall, but it looks even taller. The plain door that was on it in these pictures have been replaced by a beautiful brown wooden door with studs on it and the little window. I took a couple of pictures of it at the model house. My door is just like that. A picture doesn't do it justice. The house has a very European look to it. It reminds me of Germany. I love it. I have some beautiful pen and ink drawings of places in Europe that I think will go in the art nook in the entry way. They will carry the European feeling into the rest of the house.

So this is keeping me occupied and happy right now. I am also doing a lot of running around, tracking down info and faxing things to the lender getting this deal done. They have done everything but map my genome at this point. I'm hoping they will just be satisfied and stop coming up with things for me to run and do. I've already proven my identity and all that stuff 9 ways from Sunday. They are getting repetitive now.

I have got to hit the sack. It's very late and I have to work in the morning. I don't mean to sound braggy with all this, I am just excited and I want to share all the gritty details while I'm hyped up on it. haha

Later gators!

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