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2012-06-17 - 12:38 a.m.

Boy, do I have an update.

My buyers' financing fell through and they can't buy my house. Get it out there...Just rip that band-aid right off.

This means that my options are few. Either I let the new house go entirely, or I buy the new house without having sold the old one first. I am not comfortable with that. I may put a little money in the old house and "flip it". I was selling at a lower price because it needs repairs. I could spend a little money and sell it for fair market value and this would be a bigger payoff. Or I may sell it as is for less. I am thinking of letting a real estate agent list it and see if it sells quickly, if not, I'll have some things done to it.

I am sad to lose the new house. I was looking so forward to moving in, but that house is in a huge subdivision that is being developed and I can have the exact same house built out there later. So it's not really like the house is lost... it's more like it has been delayed. I'm ok with it. I was pretty flat for about a weekend, but I've wrapped my head around it now and made my peace.

As disappointing as this new development is, I'm not sorry to have gone through all this. I found out that I can have a house like that. I found out that I can get a mortgage with a really low interest rate. I was forced to empty out the old house and finally sort all the stuff that was stored there. Now it is clean as a whistle and ready for whatever comes next. I was also forced to gather all my important papers and tend to some business.

I decided to put house buying on hold and use my earnest money to go on a fabulous vacation, so my sister and I are going to spend a week in the Rocky Mountains. We grew up there and she hasn't been back as an adult. I might use my house proceeds to buy a condo in Colorado. haha

I rented a luxury condo for our vacation and there are loads of great things to do in the town. Our location is awesome because it is right in the middle of the action in town and we can walk everywhere we need to go. There is also a free shuttle to get around further if we need it. We are going to have a great time. I'm not even going to get a rental car because of the location of the condo. We don't need it. A shuttle will bring us there from the airport and back to the airport when it's time, and most everything we want to do is within easy walking distance. There are shuttles for other things and taxis if we just must have a car for something. We're going to do a ghost tour and I'm considering a bus tour up a mountain, but it fills me up with fear and dread to even look at the website and read about it. Because I am afraid of heights. I don't want to die in a bus with a bunch of strangers after plummeting off the side of the highest highway in the United States. There's no guard rails up there! It's freakin scary. There's one place where it's just a ribbon of highway that drops off on both sides. It's so scary that there is literally no fun in it for me whatsoever. But if you can survive the butt puckering ride up the mountain, it has THE coolest gift shop EVERRRRR. I'd really like my sister to see this, but I honestly don't know if I can handle it on a bus. I know I couldn't drive it myself. I'd freeze up. I can't even think about it for very long. I'm uneasy now.

I want to get my whole extended family to plan a week's vacation in the summer time out there one year.

And now, I must go. Farewell, Gentle Reader. Till we meet again...

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