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2012-07-11 - 7:37 p.m.

To the utterly ordinary looking female in the truck with the big pink sticker on the rear window that said "FOX!":

If you have to tell people that you are a "fox", it takes away some of the magic.

After I posted this short entry, I realized I have other stuff to say, so here is me, adding on.

Last time I updated, my house deal had fallen through. But now, new developments have emerged. House deal is back on! I got a cash offer out of left field and it was less than I wanted, so I was in the process of haggling them up and just about to accept the offer that is really too low, when I got ANOTHER cash offer for more! So... I was about to agree to that cash offer when the first cheap guy offered to raise it. He only beat my best offer by 1,000.00, and I'd rather sell to the other guy, so I told him I had a higher offer and he would have to go up a few thousand to beat it. He thinks I am bluffing, so he declined. He told me to call him if my other deal falls through. However, I am not bluffing and that guy blew his chance. I'd rather take a little less to sell to the other guy who is a family friend. Both guys want to put about 20K into the house and flip it for a higher price. The first guy is a greedy little duck and tried to give me a crazy low price so he could clear around 35K off my loss. I told him if he gave me my asking price, he could still make a fast 25K for himself. I even have a buyer who would buy it as soon as he got it ready. He thought he could hold out and get that 35K profit and now he's getting 0 profit.

I hope nothing else goes wrong. I have 2 buyers on the string, so I should be ok on the home selling front. I hope nothing goes wrong with my house buying deal. I am starting to look forward to moving. Some very loud people have moved directly upstairs from me and they tromp around like no one else I've had the misfortune of living under, ever. It's like they are sumo wrestlers up there. The kids are extremely loud and they stand out in the corridor, screaming like a bunch off ninnies. I've lived here 5 years and never have been disturbed by the neighbors here.

I had to go over to the new house and look again and try to see if I got a feeling about it. I had let go of the dream after the deal tanked and I had to go get back into it or forget it entirely. So I went over and laid in the tub. I was laying in the dry tub with all my clothes on when I realized that this is my house and I need to buy it. So the deal is on. As long as nothing else goes wrong. Keep your fingers, toes, & nipples crossed for me.

I'll keep you posted...

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