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2012-08-04 - 12:28 a.m.


So very tired. Oh Em Gee. My feet hurt. My everything hurts, actually. For days I have been taking an SUV load of stuff to my new house each evening. I was trying to get a lot of the stuff moved in and put away so the movers only have to move the big furniture and heavy boxes. They are going to be here in the morning at 10 and I am supposed to have everything ready to go. It's not totally done yet, it's almost 1 am, and my ass is tired. My folks came to help. They are going to wise up to me one day and stay away. Sometimes when they show up I work them like a couple of rented mules.

With all the stuff I've taken over, the new house looks like there's just a teeny bit of stuff in there. The house is big and has lots of storage space. My bedroom closet is seriously the size of a room. I've seen bedrooms smaller than that closet. I have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for the past 5 years, and I only brought the vital necessities here with me. I bought new furniture for this apartment, but I'm surprised at how much stuff it seems like there is when you start trying to move it all.

I have movers showing up at 10 am and cable guy is coming to the new place to get the cable and internet going and my appointment is 12-2. I hope they come earlier rather than later. We want to go to some furniture stores tomorrow. I want to get my mom's opinion about some things I'm considering buying. I hope I'm not too tired to do that. I'll be glad when I can relax. I still have a lot to do. My sister and her bunch are coming to see the new place on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I've got so much stuff planned for August and September and then I've got a couple of months till Thanksgiving. Of course I will be putting that shindig on myself. We're in the downhill slide of the year right about now. In my family, almost everyone's birthday happens during August - November, so we end up getting together for family birthdays then right into the holiday season. So I'm busy until January, basically.

I've got to finish up some stuff and hit the sack. I would be super excited about all this if I had one shred of energy left.



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