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2014-01-05 - 2:24 p.m.

I just made an interesting realization. Most of the best moves I have made in my life have been made when I didn't have a romantic partner. That is not to say that the only good things in my life happened when I was manless, it is just to say that all my best business moves have been made without a man around... for some reason.

When I was married, many moons ago, I got nowhere with career and financial security. My husband worked and put money into the joint account, but he spent it like a fiend and lied his face off. We got nowhere. Plus he was old fashioned and thought his job was the important one, so my career got nowhere. When we split, I thought I would soon go down the drain because I was left with ALL the bills and less than half the pay. However, I did better from the start on just my pay than we had done together. How does that work? Within a very short time I had doubled my pay and within about a year I had tripled it.

My second long term relationship and the real love of my life made me really happy, (until he lost his mind) and the whole time I was with him, I had a dilemma about what to do with my old house and some other issues in my life. As soon as he packed up his marbles and quit on me (again) I somehow managed to attain my goal of working at home, finally decided what to do with the old house, sold it, and bought my dream house. All by myself.

I'm not even saying that he had anything to do with my quandary about the old house and he didn't stop me from buying a new house, but with him, things were always up in the air. I always thought we would get married, but he had a way of saying he wanted that more than I did, but yet he never quite made anything happen. He said he wanted to be with me, but he never did anything to show me that. He claimed to want to live in Texas, but then he wouldn't really do it. He thought I should keep the old house and I considered his ideas on that and made no decisions until after he bailed on me. I was very happy with him but I couldn't count on him to really be there for me. Obviously.

But I digress...

Point is, I accomplish more when I am the only person on the council. I make good decisions and I am action oriented. Maybe it is true that I am a person who should be alone. I'm much awesomer alone.

Maybe I will meet a fabulous guy someday who is able to really love me and allow me to be who I am without being threatened by it or eaten up by random fears that only exist in his imagination. Fear is the root of all things negative and love is the root of all things good.

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