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2014-03-07 - 5:00 p.m.

I have "ideal" total cholesterol. And now... you know. I was expecting to see "normal" or maybe even "high" but the reading was actually "ideal". I'm happy about that. I'm trying to focus on my health lately. I've never had overly high cholesterol, but "ideal" is a new one on me.

My company lovingly forces us to submit to health testing once a year, including blood tests. The penalty for not doing so is a steep increase to our insurance premiums. I really resented being blood tested to see if I'm a smoker, because I already told them I am not a smoker, so to test my blood is tantamount to saying "Gimme some of your blood, you liar." They added insult to injury by sending me a message that says "Congratulations! You are not a smoker." Are they messing with me?

I wanted to improve all my health results from last year to this, and I have. My goal is to improve it even more by next years' forcible health screening. Like, next year, I'd be happy to see "ideal" scores all around.

I am digging this cool weather we have had this year. Even the bitter cold is good as far as I'm concerned. Since I live right on the gulf of Mexico, it's helly hot around here in the summer time, so every day of cool is a happy bonus for me.

I've been rather hermit-like lately. I plan to go shopping this weekend just to get out. I'm not like all the other girls. I don't generally go shopping just to shop. I work from home and I love this ideal sanctuary I've created for myself. I have every kind of entertainment at my finger tips here, so I have few reasons to go out. I used to be constantly on the go and in fact, didn't see home for days at a time every week due to my traveling consulting work. Now I'm a homebody to the nth degree. I really should get out more.

This weekend I shall do some pointless, non-necessity directed shopping. I'm going to buy a gift for me.

It is a shame that most of the bloggers I used to read on here are no longer updating.

Happy Weekend!!

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