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2014-03-11 - 1:08 p.m.

I did go shopping over the weekend and I bought a few little things at the Home Goods store. That place is great. It's a part of TJ Maxx, so you get nice things at a decent price. They have an aisle or two of gourmet foods and oils and such. This is where I get hung up for long periods of time.

I got a bottle of olive oil infused with white truffle oil. It was only 4.99, which is kind of unheard of for white truffle oil. This is really olive oil, so it's less expensive than pure truffle oil, but it may be very good. I shall find out in the near future. I recently paid 28 bucks for a smallish bottle of white truffle oil. I love that stuff so much! I use it to dip bread in. Some people hate the taste of truffles, but I find them to be very similar to shitake mushrooms, which I love. I buy these soft pretzel bread sticks and microwave them to make them steamy and then dip it in the white truffle oil. So good. So carby.

I also bought some gourmet popcorn that has tiny kernels and the husk disintegrates when it's popped so there's nothing to get stuck in your teeth. It is good. I tried it last night. I got a big fat bag of flax seeds. I love them and they are good for you. Chock fulla omega-3s. I put them on my cereal. They look like tiny baby roaches when you see a lot of them at once, but I am ok with that for some reason. Ha!

I also got some delightful fancy tea. It's Earl Grey and the tea comes in these little silky bags instead of a paper tea bag. We're fancy up in the palace. The tea is really good and I think I'm going to go back and nab every package they have. It was only $3.99 and that's a small price to pay for silky tea bags, my friend. My sister would love it.

I also got a container of Himalayan pink salt. A friend of mine says it's good. How could you go wrong? I never would have guessed that I would pay $6.99 for a box of salt, but hey. Live life and experience, says I.

I want to go someplace swell for vacation. I have so much PTO built up, it's plumb ridonkulous. If I don't take some time off soon, I will stop accruing PTO. I'm almost to the cut off. I'm taking Friday off to do a few things. I'm breaking in a new primary care physician. I have considered cancelling that, because I am healthy and there's nothing really wrong. My insurance is almost useless to me if I get sick or injured, but if I go for a well check up that I don't need, it's covered. What kind of crazy thinking is that? I guess it's the crazy kind that doesn't include paying for my annual trip to get a shot for bronchitis. The only time I need a doctor is when I get bronchitis. It cost me 350 bucks to get a shot last time. I know I've already ranted about that, but it's a rant worth repeating. I saw a doctor for maybe 2 minutes - and that is a generous estimate. I got a shot, nothing else happened, and they charged me 350 bucks, plus I had to pay for a Z pack and some really heavy duty cough syrup (that was totally worth the money). So now I'm all "Let me get this FREE well check-up". I took the day off for it and now I'm spending that day off 40 different ways in my mind and none of them include going to the doctor. I'll decide later.

I'm taking a little break from working right now. As in, a few minutes worth of break. It's about time I got back to it. I have a do-able amount of work today. My work load has lightened up to "mere mortal" from "super human". This must be how my co-workers work load is. I do a specialized thing and there are only 2 of us in a company of over 76K people who do this particular thing. So we have the highest work load of all the others in our department. I'm used to really getting after it and now I have a more normal workload so I'm breezing along.

Happy Tuesday!

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