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2014-05-28 - 12:16 p.m.

Wow. I updated 77 days ago? That 77 days went by awfully fast. It seems like I just did that last entry.

I am actually swamped with work right now and shouldn't be spending time on other things. My job is such that no one else does my work when I'm gone, so if I miss a Monday, every bit of Mondays' work is waiting for me when I return. Memorial Day holiday put me a day behind on everything so Tuesday I was doing Mondays' work and today I am doing Tuesdays' work while trying to make a half-assed stab at todays' stuff. My Monday and Tuesday tasks are very cut and dried, but Wednesday stuff can be fudged a bit and hurried through without causing problems later. That was way more info than necessary.

There have been a couple days of gully washing rainstorms around here and I have standing water in my back yard. I am glad though, because I have had 2 days of free water for my perpetually thirsty lawn. I had a good day of shopping, lunching, and doing lady things with one of my very good friends on Memorial Day. Neither of us are people who shop just for the experience, so after a while we got sick of walking around and found a good spot to sit and visit.

I need to plan a vacation. I have so much built up PTO that I will stop accruing if I don't use some. I'm probably already at the cut of point of 160 hours. I haven't decided where to go this year. I usually go to Colorado. I have family to visit and standing invitations from friends. My favorite kind of vacation is to rent a cabin or condo in a mountain town and enjoy the arid climate of Colorado. That's very expensive and I feel kind of like I shouldn't lay out a couple grand on vacation this year. This is because I had to do a 2350 dollar AC repair on my brand new home this year and my computer died a grisly premature death and had to be replaced as well. I feel like those 2 tragic circumstances ate my vacation fund. I can do something less expensive. Must ... make... plan.

With that, I must get back to work before I get hopelessly behind.

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