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2014-09-23 - 6:18 p.m.

Holy crap! Something awesome happened! After I achieved my old 5 year goal of working from my home office (in about 2 years), I made a new goal of somehow finding a way to get a summer home in Colorado and today, I do believe I found my path to that goal.

I am in talks for a side gig that could possibly pay for that dream of mine! This may all fall through... I am being SOOOO premature in being happy about this, but just the possibility of this is happy stuff to me and if this one does fall through, I can totally achieve this with some other side gig!!!!

Basically, my long term readers might remember the crazy days when I was a traveling consultant and I lived this insane life doing crazy stuff for a bunch of wackadoodles all over the deep south of our great country. As it turns out... today I was looking for these same wackadoodles online and discovered that they have new facilities and this could very well mean new opportunities for me. I called them and we had a nice chat and I made a proposal or two about some services I could provide remotely from my office here. They are very interested. In fact, they started running wild with ideas of their own!

It is possible they will try to offer me a job at their new facility and that is not what I'm going for here. I'll decline that. Or, they may offer me a one or two time consulting job where I come in person and review their records and billing and find them money. I would do that, but what I really want is an opportunity to remotely do all their coding for a fee on an ongoing basis. We shall see.

I'm probably going to lay awake all night doing the math. haha

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