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2014-12-14 - 2:58 a.m.

I wonder if DLand has fixed their shizz yet. Every time I go to this diary, it takes me to this entry so to see the newer ones, you have to go to "Older" entries to choose the new stuff there. I got me some tiny pants. aka Skinny Jeans. I'm little in the middle but I've got much back, therefore the waist is too big in these new jeans. Again, awesome problem to have. I'm never going to have a flat or boney ass, and for this I say: Hallelujah! I didn't like my bubble butt when I was a preteen. I thought my friend Sandy was the lucky one because hers was flat and the boys didn't make comments about her behind. I've since embraced the ghetto booty and realized the tragedy of the buttless girls.

I'm not even close to done with my Christmas shopping and I made no progress today. I struck out at all the places I went. I was looking for a certain thing for Dad, and it's just not available anymore apparently. I've got to finish it quick. Christmas is in 11 days. This happens to me every year. It's not like they move Christmas. How can it sneak up on me every year?

I've been watching Sons of Anarchy. I watched everything on Netflix except the final season, which I recorded. I had to hurry up and finish watching the Netflix episodes, because I noticed the recorded shows are going to drop off soon. When you watch SOA one episode per week, you have time to digest it and adjust to the wreckage, but seeing it all so close together has been kind of rough. I'm probably going to need grief counseling after I watch the last one. I think I have 2 episodes left. I kept falling asleep so I gave up for tonight, but then the computer snagged me as I was walking by and here I sit. I might try to watch it when I get in bed.

I miss my friend from Philly. I thought about him a bunch of times today.

To bed, to bed, you sleepy head...

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