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2004-01-04 - 11:42 a.m.


Mine was very good overall, I'd say. Here's a little recap:

Last January, I stopped working with the ill tempered stink-yeti that used to lope into my life each day and cause me to want to commit violent acts. Gladly, I'm all done with her. I no longer have to view her Newt Gingrich hair-do, her man shoulders, her pendulous belly swinging low in the breeze... good riddance to foul beasties.

I went on to full time consulting work, which is very lucrative, but seemed to be frightfully lacking in security. This prompted me to take a full time job and from that set of circumstances I learned that financial security is not in a full time job. It is in my ability. I can always get another job. I am in the process of rebuilding my client base so I can return to full time consulting. And I can't wait!! It's my favorite goal for 2004.

In 2003 I finally recognized and indulged my need for a creative outlet by starting my Diaryland Journal and also by getting involved in the scream park for next year. We are in the planning phases for next year's scare season and Myra and I have to design the facade for the new haunted house and plan some scares and entertainments for the crowds of 2004.

I think I've "come into my own" more in 2003. It's a trackable process. I have a great feeling of having nothing to hold me back or slow me down. I think people are sadly limited by their hang ups and by ideas which are imposed upon them and which they blindly accept as truth. I guess, to use a cliche, I am thinking outside the box.

I wrecked my car in late 2003, and got a new front end and paint job for my car plus some free chiropractic care for my body. Good stuff.

In August 2003 I helped my sister leave a marriage that was going nowhere and a little later Binky left a relationship that was going nowhere. All this was seen in a rather prophetic dream I had about the three of us bouncing against a fence that was dangling us over a dark and unknown abyss, but that fence was holding us up in a way that we all felt safe and happy and free. It was just like the reality of the 3 of us, having escaped our going-nowhere relationships.

In 2003, I got closer to my goal of becoming debt free. I only owe 17K on my house! I might be able to clear all debt in 2004.


LIVE A MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE. I'm already a healthy person in that I don't smoke, rarely drink, and don't do drugs. But I need to get enough rest, and more exercise, and I need to stop eating sugar and taking in caffeine. Sugar and caffeine are my 2 addictions.

GET OUT OF DEBT: Or make reasonable progress towards that goal. I am steadily working it down. I could get aggressive and maybe knock it out this year.

RETURN TO FULL TIME CONSULTING: Develop my client base, do some traveling to other places for retroactive audits. Make a shit load of money in the process. The retroactive audit idea totally depends on the stupidity of others, so I could find slim pickings in some of these hospitals. I know of a hospital or 6 where the people in charge of coding and billing don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and this is where I can swoop in and make a killing. If it turns out they have more on the ball than I thought, or hospitals don't want to refile for adjusted payment for fear of setting off a Medicare audit, I could be out of luck with this thing, but I *think* I'll be able to make some serious money with this. Here's hoping, anyway.

RESIGN MY CURRENT FULL TIME POSITION. I hope to develop my client list to the point that I don't need a full time job. I want to work for myself and not on anybody elses time clock ever again. That is my GOAL.

I will try to go back to this entry at the end of 2004 and see how I did with my goals.

I have a long term goal of packing away enough money in the next 20 years or less that I can live on the interest. The more I can make in consulting or whatever else I find my way into, the sooner I'll accomplish that goal.


Surround yourself with things that bring you joy and with people you love. Notice what is good about life. Take responsibility for your own life and realize nobody is going to get it for you, you have to get it for yourself. Don't do things that you can't respect. Learn stuff, find out for yourself, don't believe the popular notion. Be happy.

HAPPY 2004!!!!

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