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2006-11-08 - 12:01 p.m.

Hi Peeps

After being in Texas on business last week and being in Mississippi on business the week before that, I am happy to report that I am at home, for this whole week, except for my 2 weekly excursions into Shreveport. I am in a weird transition in which I am expected to be 2 places at once and those 2 places are 4.5 hours apart.

I have a dilemma to sort out regarding where I am going to be and how I am going to manage this. One boss wants me to relocate and the other is unstable, so my task is to decide whether to relocate and work full time at one place, losing the unstable one, or attempt to keep on working both jobs on a consulting basis, making double money, but with the possibility of losing one or both. I don't know if I will lose the job offer if I refuse to relocate. I am going to attempt to refuse to move until after the first of the year, because it is too much of a hardship to move during the holiday season. They might insist, but I *think* I can get them to cut me a break.

Scarlett has been being sort of a good girl lately. And she is getting a tad sick of that. I decided to get rid of all boyfriends except for the crazy one, because he is the most exciting one. I thought it might be nice to finally give him what he has been wanting since day one. An exclusive relationship. It was hard to convince him that I was going to behave, but he is starting to trust me. One of my other boys flipped out and told me he had planned for his avatar to marry Scarlett. Coulda knocked me over with a feather. Aaaanyway... now that homey has me, he is boring the shit out of me. I think it is much more fun when he stalks me, catches me being bad, and has a raging fit. I think we are going to have a serious talk the next time I see him. I may just dump his ass. But when I am without him, I miss him terribly. Another quandary...

Wonder why every single thing in my life (both my lives) has to be a dilemma. I blame the whole Libra thing. We Libras can be quite indecisive.

I cannot stand it any longer, I must sign in to second life and see what's happening. Last night in second life, I bought a giant picture frame that has a dance pole inside it and I can get inside there and do a sexy dance. It's pretty cool. Gonna surprise the boy. So I guess I'll put off the serious talk till after I've squeezed all the fun out of the new toy. hehe

Later gators!

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