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2003-08-01 - 4:49 p.m.


The same sorry thing that happened to Proofrok recently. I clicked to send my entry and it freakin disappeared.


I didn't do the clever cut and copy move that I told Proofrok I usually do. I wasn't thinking about it and *POOF* now it's all gone. I got the Diaryland error page which is seriously starting to infuriate me when I see it. Andrew needs to put a funny picture on there and change it up every now and then. Give a sistah a laugh once in a while.


I was laying down the Astrology news. I'll hit the high spots:

A "Wilberteets Reading" is going to be different than what you'd get on a website, because it is coming from my own experience and my knowledge of Astrology. Sometimes there will be gritty details included that would not come up on Astrology software. I'm not doing a lot of big exhaustive readings, because if I did that, it would be a full time job. hehe. I'll do a kind of brief overview of what I see.

I'm going to do some this weekend. Will do Cookie's *very* soon, because girlfriend has some issues I want to explore. hehe.


I am going to type Proofrok's birthday page from "The Secret Language of Birthdays" word for word. This is not a reading. It is just something I found that was interesting. I am going to do that as soon as I get this entry posted. I already lost it once, so who knows how long this might take. Anyhoo, the next entry will be all about Proofrok and it will be up as soon as I can get it typed and ready to post.

Next, I will start the "Wilberteets Does Astrology" series. hehe.

ok... Tallyho... onwards and upwards... if this gets lost I'm going to have a fit. I'll copy it just in case.

Here's hoping....

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