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2006-03-26 - 2:03 a.m.

Guess where I've been?


guess guess guess

Here's a hint:

Someone spilled beer down my back and I feel like I've smoked 3 or 4 bowls and a pack of cigarettes.

Here's another hint:

Yes, I was in the same room with Trent Reznor! And it was GOOD. My boy got a serious hair cut. You know I'm a big fan of the long hair, but Trent looks great anyway, hair or no hair and his body looks good, because he seems to have beefed up lately. He looks healthier. Here is a recent picture of him with the way his hair is right now:

Boys are kinda dumb. There was this one guy who just danced around and pumped his devil horns the entire time and most of the time he was not moving with the music. There was this other guy right in front of me who kept assuming the most Beavis and Butthead positions. He was head banging and it was quite humorous. Homey down the row was playing air drums. He needed to sit his drunk ass down.

It was a really great show. The people in front of us smoked so much weed that I hope I don't get drug tested at work. Sincerely.

The band played everything I felt was completely necessary to hear except "The Wretched". I really wanted to hear that, because it's one of my all time favorite songs. He did some old stuff and some new stuff. It was great and they were flawless.

Trent got pissed one time because these idiots were screaming continuously during a quieter song so he just stopped when the song was done and said "Let me ask you guys a question that is on my mind. What is the point of screaming all the way through the song 'Hurt'"? Then he started playing "The hand that feeds" and said "It's cool. You can scream your fucking tits off during this song."

During the song "Hurt" I was thinking to myself that I'll bet they get sick of people screaming like it's the end of the song when he's not done yet. Don't these idjits know the music?? It's kind of insulting. Even though they are just trying to give him feedback and let him know they like what he's doing. It's still annoying.

I had a great, great time. After the show, me and the Bink went to a gas station to get some drinky stuff and when we walked in, the place was noisy and I wasn't paying enough attention to my surroundings, but I heard this voice yelling "Uh oh! Uh-Oh! Here comes trouble!" So it took me a minute to realize he was talking to me and when I looked, it was none other than that crazy ass therapist who pursued me so hard at work.

Before I could duck, run, or hide, he ran up and grabbed me, like, in a bear hug. He was three sheets to the wind as they say and he started kissing me on the face and neck. He was being all loud with it and he could not hear me struggling and yelling his name. He was all caught up in the moment I guess. So I stopped struggling, since it was useless anyway and I knew he would eventually stop. haha. Once he stopped slobbering on my cheek, he could hear me saying his name over and over, all flat-like and unenthusiastic.

But he was undaunted by my lack of participation. He was completely gleeful and exuberant. He asked me if Bink was my sister and asked what we were doing in Shreveport and I said we just came from the Nine Inch Nails concert and he said "Oh, they're in town?" Like a true dumbass. I don't know what rock you'd have to be living under to not know NIN was in town. He was drunk.

When we got away, I told Bink "I'm sorry you had to see that." She said "I guess he likes you a little bit."

That's my saturday. It was a good one. Even the sudden attack of the drunken smoocher was kind of funny. I wonder what he'll have to say for himself at work on Tuesday. I'd like to say he will be embarrassed, but I doubt it.

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