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2003-07-14 - 9:25 p.m.

caption: Dippy McTard realizes his /her IP address has been traced.



There was a funny little college student who attended the University of Kansas and had a very boring life. All the other girls, boys, and prairie dogs were prettier, and smarter, and thinner than she. This made her very angry and bitter. Her bitterness, coupled with her complete lack of imagination and forethought led her down a slippery and treacherous path.

One day she decided to try to reach out and do something mean to an innocent stranger who had never done her any wrong. She hadn't ever heard of a thing called karma, much less a thing called an IP address. One more factor sealed her fate. The innocent stranger she hoped to hurt, was already suffering, yes, suffering tragically from PMS. Oh how this caused an ugly turn of events. The innocent stranger decided to trace that IP address and OOPSY, it led right to the computer lab at Dippy McTard's school. The nice computer lab tech thought it was interesting that Dippy McTard was using the university's computer lab to post obscenities on the world wide web, for this is usually frowned upon in grown-up land.

Soon, Dippy McTard found out that when you post a nasty comment, it creates a trail. No one knows whatever happened to Dippy McTard, but the innocent stranger hopes that Dippy learned something that day. She hopes that Dippy McTard learned that her actions are not anonymous and can be traced, not always by kindly innocent strangers. Someday she could be traced by a 400 lb. trucker named Rusty Nail or Leon. That would be even worse than being picked dead last all those times in high school PE class.

The End.

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