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2003-09-26 - 5:36 p.m.


ER is my show. It's my homey of shows. It's my favorite medical drama. People who work in the medical field tend to like it, I've noticed.

However, I have a problem when it comes to watching ER. Everyone I know is aware that I MUST see this show. Everyone knows that for one measely hour during the week, I am not to be disturbed. No calls, no visits, no nothing. So guess what happens?


My mom used to call me during the last 5 minutes of the show just about every week. I remedied this problem by unplugging my phone. During the last show of last season, I got 4 PHONE CALLS DURING THE ONE HOUR SHOW. So, after unplugging the phone, my problem is solved, right?


The next door neighbor needs and egg, a bar of soap, a live chicken, and a weed eater. For this, she comes and rings my doorbell. Creating a nice lengthy interruption. Sometimes I don't answer my door. Surely that solves the problem, right?


So last night... sistah and her ankle biters are here, which could pose a danger to my ER time, but ALAS!! Sistah is in my room on my PC and her kids are both with her! YES! There will peace in the living room tonight! Right?


As I'm enjoying the first show of the new season, Bink comes in... Ten minutes before the end of the show, the Binkster walks in and all Hell breaks loose, because the greetings you get from 2 little kids and 2 dogs can be somewhat hectic and chaotic. So I SNAP like a miserable bitch and bark at Bink to let me have the last 5 minutes of my show.

Soooooo the peace is restored. The show is over, but I still get to see the compelling preview for next week. Right?


Just in time for the preview, Cindy-Loo-Who, the 2 year old, runs in BUCK-NEKKID, and announces proudly "I Tee Teed!!" Alarmed, I said "Where did you Tee-tee?" To this, she happily proclaims "I tee-tee in the kitchen!!" Yaaaaaaay. I've got a lovely area rug in the kitchen, and some lovely hard floor. Guess where the pee went?

You guessed it!!! Right on the rug. The sistah scrubbed it up. However, the exciting preview for next week's episode of ER was totally over. I smooth missed it.


Next week, I shall watch ER in my room and I shall not come out unless the house is on fire. I can only imagine what may happen to prevent me from watching the whole show.

I am convinced that when I die, it will be on a Thursday night, between 9 and 10 pm. I hope it's not next week.

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