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2006-06-30 - 11:09 p.m.

I'm finally home and I'm off work until Wednesday! I'm very tired. I haven't had enough sleep for the last 2 nights in a row and I am really feeling it.

On my way home yesterday, I was clipping along at a high rate of speed when suddenly the cars in front of me started frantically swerving around something. When my path was cleared of those cars, it was time for me to frantically swerve to miss the LOVESEAT that was casually sitting diagonally across the highway, blocking one whole lane. Who drops a loveseat off their truck and doesn't notice???

I missed a few good photo ops during this trip. Every time I forget to take along my digital camera, I regret it. I already told you about the eye candy at the hotel and now the loveseat in the middle of the road... But the first photo op I saw and missed was the best one of all:

I saw a big sign that said "Quality Storage Sheds!" and the sign was on the side of a tore back, old-ass, rusted shed that was literally falling over. That would have been a good picture to send in to Jay Leno.

Listen up music lovers: You must go to the link below to hear the song that has captured me. It's called "Santa Monica" and it's by the band Theory of a Deadman. They are great. I played this song for Bink and she pointed out the obvious similarity to my favorite band Seether. This song would have been lovely by them, but I like Theory of a Deadman too. They're really good. They've been around for a while. Check them out.

When you go to this link, it will automatically start playing Santa Monica and that is the song I am obsessed with right now. Listen to it about 5 times and you'll be obsessed too. I suggest you start now. :-)

my new musical obsession

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