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2006-08-15 - 10:36 p.m.

I am posting the Live-Metal.net review of Seether's latest release, "One Cold Night" below. This piece says exactly what I think of the CD. I agree totally. I would add that a lot of richness of sound is present in this acoustic set... the finer, melodic sounds of both the instruments and the vocals are clean and clear, not muted under layers of electric sound. Don't get me wrong - I also love the loud electric stuff. I'm just saying...

Here's the review:

By GREG MAKI (Live-Metal.net)

Not every band can pull off an acoustic set. For some, their music simply doesn’t translate to a stripped-down presentation. Others wimp out, losing the qualities that put them on the map in the first place. On One Cold Night, Seether’s material holds up just fine. The decibel level may be lower, but Shaun Morgan and company bring the same intensity you find in their electric sets.

This CD/DVD combo captures Seether’s intimate Feb. 22, 2006 performance at Grape Street in Philadelphia. The set list features a good mix of songs from Seether’s 2002 release, Disclaimer, and last year’s Karma and Effect. There are the expected hits (“Gasoline,” “Fine Again,” “Truth,” “The Gift,” “Remedy”), and I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of Disclaimer album tracks “Driven Under” and “Sympathetic.” And, of course, you get the mega-hit “Broken,” which appeared originally on Disclaimer, then on The Punisher soundtrack as a duet with Amy Lee of Evanescence. On One Cold Night, the song follows the structure of the more recent version and benefits from being taken back to its stripped-down roots and a solo vocal performance by Morgan. (For me, the best version of this song remains the one played this year on the WinterFresh Snocore tour, which featured Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale handling Lee’s parts.)

Also noteworthy in the set list are the early Seether track “Tied My Hands” and a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Immortality,” which, stripped of Pearl Jam’s most annoying aspect—Eddie Vedder’s vocals—is actually a pretty good song.

The DVD includes the entire concert nicely shot and edited without the usual flashy music video trappings; an extensive interview with the band that runs as long as the performance; a video for “The Gift” and a documentary on the making of it; and a photo gallery.

Available for the price of a single CD, this set offers quite a bit of bang for your buck. It should do more than tide fans over until the next Seether studio release. It may even win the band some new fans.


One more thing: I've gotten a report that Shaun is doing fine in rehab. No other details were given.

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