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2006-08-16 - 10:47 p.m.

JonBenet Ramsey's parents are owed one hell of an apology. Those people were vilified in the press during their darkest, most grief stricken time.

Patsy Ramsey died just a few weeks ago and now there has finally been an arrest in the disgusting murder of her adorable little 6 year old girl. I am so glad that this grieving mother who had been accused and treated as a suspect had the opportunity to know that there was a serious suspect. When she died, she must have known that the truth was about to finally come out.

The kid diddler / kiddie porn enthusiast turned murdering subhuman was picked up in Thailand and has now confessed to the killing. He was being held on other child porn charges. Nice, huh?

The whole thing just makes me so mad. I have no words to express it strongly enough. Pedophiles do not get "cured". They just move on to new victims. They should be killed. Period.

Any man who can get turned on sexually by a small child should do the world a favor and put a bullet in his own sick head in the interest of timeliness and cost control. The suspect looks like a nice looking, normal guy. Just goes to show you, the boogeyman doesn't always look like a hideous monster.

It's a shame that Mrs. Ramsey did not live to see justice done and receive some apologies. I wonder how much her grief and pain contributed to her inability to win her battle with cancer.

Why are pedophiles allowed to exist???

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