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2003-07-02 - 8:58 p.m.

You look a little annoyed tonight Trent. You look kinda like your dog just shit on your new rug.

You know what's worse than the dog shitting on your new rug? When she shits on that same new rug THE VERY NEXT TIME SHE GETS IN THE HOUSE. I'm regretting the new dog. My other dog is very trained and a good, good boy. However, the new dog is Lucifer the prince of darkness. And she is a girl demon dog. I've just about had it with her.

I'm happy that tomorrow is the last work day of the week. I made up my time in advance, I'm ready to take off for the 4th of July, and I have great plans for the weekend! The sister and I are going to a Lesbian wedding. This should be both interesting and informative. The sister and I are both straight, but the last time we went to a bar together, she came home with a complimentary dental dam and what appeared to be a "recruiting packet" of sorts. I was standing way too close to a man I didn't know and he was trying way too hard to prove he was straight in the midst of a drag queen contest. It was somewhat surreal, but nothing says "you've had too many drinks" like turning around in the gay bar and seeing your straight sister doing the bunny hop between 2 happy lesbians. Talk about your black mail material! Unfortunately, she has enough dirt on me to bury Hell. So there ya have it. It's good to have one person in this world who knows all the gritty details and doesn't care how bad you are. It also makes for some funny conversations in hushed tones at family gatherings.

But I digress...

We're going to a lesbian wedding and I will offer up the details when I get back. It should be a fun time. I wonder which one of them is going to wear the dress.

This event shall be the toast of Teetsville.

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