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2003-10-22 - 10:13 a.m.


I just found a hi-larious news item that must be shared, and then commented upon. I will just hit the high spots of the article:

David Gest Sues Liza Minnelli for Spouse Abuse

David Gest, 50, alleges in court papers that estranged wife, Liza Minnelli, 57, flew into drunken rages on several occasions on both sides of the Atlantic, insulting and striking him.

Minnelli and Gest separated in July, just 16 months after they wed at a celebrity-studded ceremony that featured best man Michael Jackson carrying the bride's train. Elizabeth Taylor served as maid of honor.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Gest alleges that Minnelli began battering him before the wedding.

Gest's lawyer, Raoul Felder, said his client suffered neurological damage and headaches from the alleged attacks, and is staying at a rehabilitation clinic in Honolulu.

In one incident last June in London, court papers allege Minnelli consumed a bottle of vodka before she threw a lamp at Gest in their hotel suite.

She later ``began beating (Gest) about the head and face with her fists,'' the lawsuit said. When Gest asked a security guard to intervene, court papers say Minnelli punched him in the stomach.

Alrighty then.

There has been wide spread speculation that David Gest is gay. I have no idea why people would just ASSUME that a 49 year old, never been married, artistic fellow who LOVES Liza Minneli would necessarily be gay.

I'm just screaming, let's not rush to judgement.

And then there is this article. Now I am thinking that if David is in a physical rehab facility because he got that ass whooped so bad by a 57 year old drunk woman, perhaps the boy isn't living so much on the macho tip.

That's all I'm saying.

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