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2003-07-11 - 5:37 p.m.

If I write an entry and it doesn't post because the bandwidth at work is SUCKING AUDIBLY TODAY, I am going to be one angry white woman.

Here goes:

I have 3 things I could be doing, (4 if I were to work late and make up for my day of hooky playing absence, but let's not)and I am torn between what to do.

Let's break it down, shall we?

1. I could play on the computer, write more entries, make more banners...


2. I could go watch all the extra channels I ordered for my cable today. Someone told me Showtime has a good new show called "Dead Like Me" and rumor has it, this is a show that will appeal to me in a big way. So I called and ordered everything but the kitchen sink, evidently, judging from the bill they are sending. That "On Demand" feature is the shiznickity, by the way. Being able to choose a show and watch it anytime, and have the ability to pause and rewind is a cool feature. I am tempted to go play with that for the next 48 hours.



3. I could go to the store and get some grub for the fur babies. I have a very fat little dog and an evil misbehaving puppy and a very needy cat who has been relieved of every appendage he could spare. The feller has no claws, fingertips,or jibbleys. As awful as that sounds, he's a healthier and happier kitty now. The jibbleys were really dragging him down. He was terribly confused about his sexuality anyway and he expressed his wish to be a eunoch. Really, he did. The claws had to go, because he had unretractable claws and they were getting infected and stuff. Plus I got a leather chair, but that had NOTHING to do with the declawing. Anyway, he has forgotten all. He can do without balls and claws, but he has to draw the line at doing without Meow Mix. He gots to have his kitty bitties. I fed most of his Meow Mix to the dogs, because they ran out of food and it was raining. I hiss and melt if I get doused, so I had no choice but to feed them a beautiful and fragrant melange of Meow Mix, hot dogs, and scrambled eggs. They dug it like no dogs ever dug some grub before. Mama can cook y'all.

So, it's settled then. I should go buy the food. I'm all out of hot dogs and Meow mix. What would I serve if I had unexpected guests?

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