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2003-07-18 - 9:16 p.m.


I'll give you a hint, in the form of a joke:

What's brown and sounds like a bell?


Yep. I went into the restroom.... Lord, do I even need to go on with this??? There was POOOOO on the toilet. Someone kinda missed the mark. How tough is it to hit the gaping maw of toilet hole?????? CRIKEY!!

Once again, I had to go report a crap and run accident. "I don't know what happened officer, but whoever did this took off in a hurry.





..wait for it...





... They left skid marks"

"I can't give a description sir, but I believe the perp had some corn earlier.

And nuts."

OK - Enough of this madness. I'm going to start taking my digital camera to work and I'm going to post some REALLY bad pictures on here because if I have to see it, so do my friends. And that's you guys. There have always been "accidents" at hospitals, but now that I've mentioned it in my journal, it seems like NO ONE can hit the WATER anymore. The aim is just universally off all of a sudden. I shall document this phenomena with photos in the future.

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