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2009-07-02 - 11:00 a.m.

I bought a new phone. I don't know whether to congratulate myself or kick my own ass. I didn't need a new phone. It just seemed like a good idea in that moment. Now I am struggling to figure out how to do really basic things that were a breeze on my beloved crackberry. I do remember a rather rocky adjustment period when I got the crackberry though. I guess I might adjust and love this new phone eventually. It does have some cool features. It has a touch screen and makes a very satisfying little sound with every letter typed. I am going to give it a fair trial period and chances are that I will love it within a week. We shall see. Soooo... I am at work and today we are having the styoopid raffle that I was drafted as a volunteer but then escaped by pulling a fast one. In the spirit of good faith, I bought 3 raffle tickets for myself. I must admit that I sincerely hope to win this raffle not because I want a rolling cooler full of BBQ equipment and do dads, but because I would enjoy seeing the little veins stand out on the forehead of the HR lady who tried so hard to rope me intp that ordeal only to later have to take my place and do all the unpleasant stuff she had tried to railroad me into. I think if I win it, she will be pissed all the way off. I'd pay good money to see that happen. I'm extra happy today because it is a holiday week. I loves me some paid time off. On the "Golly-my-boss-is-swell" front, I'd like to announce that one day this week he informed me that I need his permission to leave my office for 8 minutes! Nifty, huh? Yeah, go ahead and envy me. I may have already reported that little nugget of micro-managing magic, but I think it bears repeating. I have to meet with Captain Asshat after lunch to go over some stuff that is supposed to be tracked on a quarterly basis but we track it all WEEKLY because he apparently feels more bossly when he is actively wasting my time. I am supposed to talk to a recruiter today. She would like to hire me to do my financial wizardry bit for a growing chain of rehab hospitals. If she can show me da money, I will do it. It would be nice to resign here and tell the bosshole exactly why I'm leaving. I would like to do that before we have an inspection. I gots to go. It's almost raffle time. Keep your fingers crossed!

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