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2006-09-10 - 6:21 p.m.


My first life is boring in comparison with my Second Life. Just like im2evil4u said in her entry today.

Yesterday, in my first life, I didn't do a whole lot of anything, because I spent most of my time on my second life. But in my Second Life... woohoo!! Accomplishment city!! Here's what I did in SL yesterday:

Danced badly at a lame club and made enough money to buy myself a shiny new talking pussy, acquired some sexy clothes, a whole lot of sexy clothes as a matter of fact, tweaked my avatar a little, learned how to make lots of Lindens as well as real US dollars out of the deal, met up with my good friend Evil/Begonia... hehe... she's an evil begonia... hehe.. and she is also Hottie McHotterson I do must say.

Scarlett (Teets) and Begonia (Evil)went shopping, loaded up on lots of merchandise, polished up our flying skills, Teleported all over the place, went to some Adult ancient ruins, got jobs as cage dancers in a BDSM club, learned how to zoom in for a good look at everything and everyone while holding our place in the cage or wherever we happen to be. We learned some sexy dances, and now we need to get nice and practiced so we can look experienced when we are actually in the club working. Pretty productive day, overall.

I am going to take some snapshots of Scarlett today, if I have time and I'll post them here so you guys can see how it be on the other side.

My plans for the future are to learn to script animations, build things, and design more sexy BDSM gear for our club dancing. We have to look the part, dontcha know. I am wearing the cutest purple corset and leather pants today. I'll try to get a picture of that. Maybe I'll do a fashion show here later on. That will take a little doing, and I will probably be snagged by the new boss when I sign on. Also, Begonia and Scarlett have a lot of work to do in-world.


My sister, myramains, is going to join us later on, but her video card is bad in her brand new pc and she wants to get that sorted out before she becomes obsessively addicted to a game she may not be able to access when her pc is in the long, drawn out stages of repair. That's a smart move.

Well, I think I'm going to hit the scene right about now. See you next time I surface...


Here is my avatar, Scarlett. She is supposed to have red hair, but I haven't found just the right style yet. I think she's pretty cute like this. I chose every little nuance of her, the boob size, the facial contours, eye color, lip thickness. color, shape, cheek bones, waist size, booty, length of legs, how far apart her legs are when she stands, EVERYTHING. This corsett is cute stuff. These pants are to die for. Girlfriend be stylin'.

I'll post more pics later. For some reason, you can see more detail when you are in the game. This corsett has a lot of cute details from other angles. The back of it is laced up all the way from top to bottom with a space of skin showing the whole way. I went looking at apartments in SL just now. COOLNESS.

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