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2003-07-27 - 10:44 p.m.


I am late getting home... so I'm going to post some spooky stuff tonight and then more tomorrow.

proofrok - Paranormal Researcher Extraordinaire, asked some questions about psychic / supernatural experiences and I can answer those questions. Due to time constraints tonight, I am going to just tell one spooky event that happened to me. Tomorrow I'll tell some more...

OK - I live in a house that is somewhat haunted, evidently. Either the house is haunted or the 2 of us who live here are attracting spirits. I'm divorced and I live with my daughter, Binky. That's not her real name but it is the real nick name I pinned on her when she was a baby and TS and I still call her that. She is also known as the Binkster, Bink-a-tollah, the Bink-meister, and just plain Bink.

But I digress...

Lots of things happen at our house and for the most part, we don't mind. I can live with a spirit or two around the house, if they are calm and easy going. One night, something SCARY happened.

Bink was in her bed asleep, and she had been in there for about 2 hours, sleeping. I had put the cat in the garage, and had gone to bed and was just dozing when suddenly something hit my bedroom door - hard. It was loud and forceful, like someone had hit my door with a fist or something. I jumped out of my bed, but was afraid to open my door. I listened by the door and everything was quiet. There was no way I could relax after that and I was worried about Binky and thinking someone must be in the house, so I summoned up my protective mother instinct and opened my door. I looked down the hall and nothing was out of the ordinary. I looked across the hall at Binky's door and saw a package full of telephone parts propped up against her bedroom door. That package was on the end table in the living room all the way down the hall, when we went to bed. There was no way Bink could have propped that thing against her door from the inside like that. There was not another living thing in the house, that I knew of. Something had hurled the package down the hall and it had hit my door before landing against her door.

I was freaked out to the bone. I busted into Bink's room and woke her up. She hadn't heard anything. Once I had thoroughly freaked her out, we both went all over the house looking for intruders. We had a shower curtain rod and a shoe for weapons. haha.

Of course, we found nothing at all out of the ordinary. So many other things have happened, we just have to assume that our ghosty wanted us to notice their presence. We noticed. Bink slept in my room that night and we kept our weapons by the bed, ready to do battle if necessary.



One day I was standing in the kitchen and I felt the air move, like when someone walks up to you. Someone was standing right behind me and when I looked, totally expecting to see Binky, there was nothing there, but my fruit basket that hangs from the ceiling next to the sink was swaying back and forth. No windows were open, no fan was blowing. Big time sway happening. I thought it was Granny. Because it was a unscary vibe and I dream about Granny being in the kitchen all the time. A big part of her life was spent in the kitchen.


Speaking of Granny... our granny had a tree right by her front door and it was some kind of a flowering tree. One night I dreamed that this tree had big green apples on it. The next day I was talking to my sister on the phone and she said "I dreamed that the tree right by granny's front door had big green apples on it." We had the same dream. I was about to tell her my dream and she beat me to it.


One night, when the veil was particularly thin... I was on the phone and everything in the house was still, including me. As I sat there talking, I was looking at a basket on top of my entertainment center. It was an Easter basket and it had some goodies in it. I saw, with my own 2 eyes, the chocolate bunny raise up, almost enough to fall out, and then slowly slide back into place. I went to it, keeping my eyes on it every second, in case there was a mouse or a bug or something in there, and when I went through it, nothing live was in there.


One time when TS was still living at home with the parents, the family was awakened by a hair dryer which turned on by itself and then vibrated it's way off the counter top. Nobody was up, no animals lived in the house, no explanation could be found.


Tomorrow.... more spooky stuff.

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