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2003-08-05 - 9:28 p.m.

DISCLAIMER: If you are a stranger just finding this diary and you are not interested in Astrology, click on my older stuff and read some funny pages or some scary stories. I'm doing some astrological readings here and there, but that's not the only topic in Teetsville.

Carry on then... carry on


Sandy and I have a lot in common. Sun and Mercury in Libra, with a few planets in Scorpio. Sandy, you will have traits from Libra and scorpio and some of the effects of each sign will counteract each other. So you may lean more to the scorp side, or more to the Libra side. Some of that is determined by how you've grown up. I suspect we are similar in lots of ways.

Your Libra sun gives you the usual Libra traits... you are probably quite charming, optimistic, wishing to avoid the unpleasantness. You love harmony and dislike bickering. (bickering literally makes me sick) You like to look on the brighter side of things. You probably have heard the line about Libra females ruling with an iron fist, inside a velvet glove. You are most likely a feminine person, like, classically feminine. That appeals to men. You appeal to men. (We can't help it. hehe) You very likely try to ignore problems, hoping they will go away. We hate those gritty and unpleasant details. You are fun and usually up for an adventure. You dislike boring circumstances intensely. Girlfriend ain't trying to be bored.

You have Mercury in Libra, which means you think like a libra. Air signs are intellectual. With this aspect you are broad minded, intellectually capable, open minded, and you have an eye for artistic details. You love friends and social events. Sometimes we merc in libras have a tendency to be opportunistic. And maybe a tad devious as well. ;-)

You have scorp rising, which gives you an edgy flavor to your libraness. Your chart is a little more scorp heavy than mine, because of the scorpio rising. I have leo rising. So you may be a tad darker, more intense than me, but I suspect you have a libraesque presentation nonetheless.

The scorp rising basically adds some determination, tenacity, sarcasm, mystery-loving and maybe a bit of scandal... or a lot of scandal...you may get involved in secret affairs at times. You may even cheat on your significant other. (your libra influences can lend themselves to that sort of thing too.) You are likely to be pretty secretive or have a feeling of comfort in the knowledge that other people can't read your thoughts and that your secrets belong to you. These things are also reinforced by your Venus in scorpio. With all of that going on, you *must* be up for some scandalous behavior upon occasion. C'mon...

You probably look like a libra and with your lovely libra persona, people would be *shocked* if they knew what was running through your head sometimes. Would you agree with that?

You have Jupiter in Leo which is a lucky placement. You should be a lucky duck with this going on. You could move into a position of prominance in your community. You may tend to blow your money. You love you some luxury. You enjoy comfort. You are generous with people you love and you're warm hearted. People like you. You have a flair for the artistic.

But bar the door, Katie... you have Mars in scorpio and that means you could be an emotional volcano. That particular aspect can make a person be blunt, hard driving, relentless, dare-devilish, revengeful, and quarrelsome, but your sun and merc in Libra will temper that down a bit. You probably experience the occasional flare up of any or all of these traits. As opposed to a steady flow of it.

Your Venus in Scorpio placement is also a pretty intense aspect that is toned by the sun and merc in libra. You're still more spicy than the average Libra because of the venus in scorp placement. I have always been glad I had Venus in Scorpio, because it makes your sex life better, and it's amusing to me just how scandalous Venus in Scorpio can be without the libra influence. This is where people would really be shocked if they could know what was running through your head. hehe.

You have Saturn in Virgo, which makes you capable of being critical and proned to worry. You are capable of accomplishment. That pops up a few times in your chart... accomplishment. So the potential is definitely there.

In your elements, you have almost all air, water, and fire signs and only one earth sign. This means you could be light on the earth qualities and therefore may not be extremely practical. You may take to flights of fancy. You may have ideas that work in theory better than they work in practical use, but with so many "practical, accomplishing" type placements in your chart, you can over come this. It might even be totally compensated for. Only you know for sure...

You are my astro-sister, Sandy. I understand the Libra scorpo combo better than I can explain in this small space.

It may not be so fascinating for strangers who happen by my journal and read these astro readings on people they don't know. That's why I'm weaving in other stuff.

Later Gators... ~Teets

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