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2003-10-05 - 9:34 p.m.


Those of you who read me regularly are aware that I have a yen for the scary stuff. I went on a skeleton kick awhile back and had to stop myself because it just wasn't time yet.


It's Spooker month, October, Halloween, All Saints, Samhain, etc. And yes... the veil becomes ever so thin during this time of the year.

Things have been happening in my old hospital building where I work. I told some of the tales in my 7/28/03 entry titled "Things that go Bump in the Hospital". You may want to check it out for some background.

We have a couple of haunted rooms. One room in particular is definitely haunted and unexplained things happen in the room pretty often.

The ghosties have kicked up again here recently. We don't put patients in the haunted room very often, only when our census is high and we run out of places to put them.

One night a week or two ago, the night nurse saw a man walking down that corridor. She knew there were no patients in 201 or 202, and the rest of the rooms on that hall are offices. So she walked down to the end of the hall and saw him walk into room 201. She called after him and said "Sir, there is no one in that room". The man didn't answer or come back out, so she walked down there. As she was coming to the door, she said again "Sir, there is no one in this room." And there wasn't. The man had vanished into thin air. She checked the whole room and the bathroom and no one was in that room except herself.

The other thing that has been happening is a recurring problem. The call bell keeps going off in the nurses station, signaling that someone needs help in room 201. No patient has been assigned there in a long time. The bathroom call bell just keeps going off. The nurses still rush down there to see if there is a problem, but it has been doing it so much lately that they all expect to find nothing when they reach that room now.

My office is one door down from those two rooms. Sometimes my dictation equipment comes on by itself. I'm not afraid of it in the daytime. It's pretty interesting. Maybe some spooky stuff will happen this month while we are close to Halloween.

I'll keep you posted...

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