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2003-07-25 - 12:04 p.m.

I just spent the morning in a commercial shoot. I didn't want to participate, because I know that when you become immortalized on film, sometimes there's a lot of cringing and wishing for death as said film gets played, played, and replayed, ad nauseum. However, participation was made mandatory and to make matters worse, we all had to wear T-Shirts with our hospital logo on it. I'm not a wearer of T-Shirts, and I don't like the feel of fabric that close to my neck. But I'm a good sport (not a word, sister) so I did the do. I had to do the wave... as in spectator enthusiastic crowd type wave. Ack.

My sister has been in lots of commercials and telethons and stuff, because she is a local celebrity in our town. On Diaryland she's "the sister" and around this town I am "the sister". Here's what I hear most from people who listen to my sister's show:

"Girl, yo sister ain't right." and "She is such a NUT. Is she always like that?"

The answer is YES, she is always like that.


~Later Gators

PS: This is like a real diary entry. Nothing funny... just ordinary stuff. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a big pile of crap in the bathroom or something and post more interesting stuff later.


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