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2003-09-13 - 6:39 p.m.


We have known each other since 2nd grade and it has sometimes been a wild ride. We grew up together in Hawaii and then our families both moved to Colorado Springs. We spent some preteen and teen years in the Springs.

I gave her the web address to this diary and she's going to look at it, so I decided to tell the tale on her, for her reading pleasure. Muwahahahaaaa...

Teresa was always a lot of fun to be around. She has this funny laugh that makes me laugh along with her. When she laughs, it's pretty loud and funny.

When we were kids, we used to go to this little place to get frozen yogurt and I would sit facing her, with my back to the room, leaving her facing the room. Then I would sit there and make this really stupid face at her until she was screaming and laughing. Every now and then I would turn around like I was trying to figure out what she was laughing at. I was straight faced and she would be making a scene. High comedy, people.

I was always trying to make her laugh.

Unfortunately, I have a penchant for inappropriate laughter, and her tolerance for that sort of thing is IFFY, on a good day. And that, in itself, is funny to me.

Even as children she could frequently be heard telling me in a stern tone "That's not funny Teets!". Except she didn't call me Teets. She called me by my formal first name, much like a parent does when you're in trouble. Naturally, this made me laugh even more.

One time, we were going through a Halloween haunted house, sponsored by the Jaycees, and we were crawling through a very small passageway where there were rubber hands hanging down to brush over the backs of the victims as they crawled through. We were SCARED STIFF, and crawling about as fast as we could. Teresa got ahead of me and I was afraid she was going to leave me, so I reached up and grabbed the back of her pants.

When she felt a hand clutching her clothes and holding her back, she went ghetto fabulous, broke away, and crawled her ass so fast down the rest of that passageway that she EASILY left me in her dust. She ended up under a strobe light, plastered against the wall, breathing heavy, with a horrified look on her face, which was way too much funny for me to handle, so I went into a protracted laughing fit.

Then she delivered the famous and oft heard line: "That's not funny, Teets!"


Today she was telling me that her husband's much hated dog, Petey, peed on her video tapes and also in her slippers. She was mad. I laughed and laughed. She didn't think it was so funny. At one point, she told me she put her foot into a soggy slipper and discovered the pee, and then she yelled "LAUGH!"

She so funny I raff a rong time.

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