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2011-11-29 - 12:16 a.m.

I've lost a little bit of what was left of my faith in humanity due to the holiday rioting over 2 dollar waffle makers at an Arkansas Walmart.

I just can't quite wrap my head around the concept of neeeeeeeding a waffle maker so very badly that all hope of dignity is lost and a total hillbilly throw down becomes necessary. Really, citizens of Arkansas? Really?

I mean, even if I really really wanted a waffle maker and 2 bucks was all I could afford, it would be way too embarrassing to 1.) Admit it, and 2)Fight over it.

Even in the metropolis of Houston, a guy was tazed for going buckwild in a Black Friday frenzy of stupid. He went berzerkers up in the electronics department. I need a tazer. I can think of a few people that could use a good zap. Let's make that an airhorn and a tazer. That's my christmas wish list. If I get my wish, I will probably be going to jail shortly after receiving these two fun items.

One of the dumbest things about Black Friday is that people get so ultra whipped up into a frenzy that they cease to think straight and they buy tons of stuff they don't really need or want. A lot of it is not even on a sale price. That's how they getcha, Knucklehead.

Kindle Fire is $199.00. Period. That's what it cost the day before thanksgiving, that's what it cost at all the Black Friday sales. People who didn't even want a Kindle Fire grabbed one and paid full price for it.

Sheep. Easy target SHEEP.

I didn't go to any Black Friday sales because I am becoming phobic of the crowds of crazy people running loose in society. It seems like people are getting more aggressive and stupid as time goes on. I can't tell if it's my tolerance for idiocy that's changing or if people actually are getting crazier. Back in the day people used to think about things like maintaining their dignity. That shizz is out the window these days.

Maybe it's because no one is teaching their kids anything anymore and the rotten kids of yesteryear have grown up into ill behaved adults who cannot reason their way out of a wet paper bag. I know times are tough, but good grief... it's a waffle maker.

I wonder how they arrived at that price. At 2 bucks, they might as well just give it away for free.

Clearly, I'm obsessed.

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