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2005-03-02 - 9:07 p.m.

I wish I would find a sack full of casino tokens or good old fashioned cashola hidden in one of these hotel rooms. Wouldn't that be fun? Yes indeed.

I need to stop watching the news. I am getting an overall bad feeling from all the BTK, King-O-Pop kid-diddling, murder-murder, rape-rape... gotta quit watching the news for a while. Some people need to get a new hobby that doesn't involve victimizing someone else - for a change.


No, I didn't fall asleep easily. I had to pretend for a lonnnnnng ass time. I was PLENTY sleepy this morning when it was time to get up. Always fun.

OK... I put the TV on some mindless drivel that was NOT a news program. It was one of those wife-mom swap shows. So guess what the they're talking about on there? War protesting and religious arguments. Argh. Oh, how very annoying. Why can't it be the adorable little cajun kid this week??? His swapped in mom was appalled at his behavior and tried to discipline him, which, of course, fell flat. His comment was "gators don't sweat". In other words, he didn't give a rats ass what she threatened. He wasn't going to sweat it.

This one family has raised a complete asshole. I'm not even in the mood to go into it. He's just an asshole kid, regurgitating someone else's political views. He doesn't even have a clue about how ignorant he looks.

Shit. The liberal mom in the other house just took all the toy guns from the other family's little kids and threw them in the trash, because they are weapons of mass destruction or some shit.

I need to change the channel before my head explodes.

I am not PMSing.

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