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2005-11-28 - 8:41 p.m.

Look who got groomed:

I dropped off my shaggy, ungroomed, snack whore of a dog to the doggie hotel and got back this lovely little nice smelling, cocker spaniel girl. She's a new pooch. Poor Abby must have thought we gave her away. She is in a mood for rejoicing. She's wagged her nubby little tail nearly off.

The whole famn damily went to Hot Springs for the Thanksgiving weekend and I had to kennel Miss Crabapple (pronounced crah-bopple) for the festivities. She is thrilled beyond belief to be home.

Hot Springs was fabulous as always. I got a really good massage from my favorite Hot Springs massage therapist on Friday. The next day I did the thermal bath and massage and that was mahvelous as well. I love me some spa treatment.

The autumn leaves were gorgeous. They were far more colorful than the leaves get around here. Hot Springs is a lot more colorful this year than it was last year at Thanksgiving. The drive up was great. We took a scenic byway and that turned out to be a really good idea.

I went back to work today and fully broke the spell of fabulosity. It was the same old crap with the technical difficulties and assinine roadblocks all over the place.

I predict that I will soon be dreaming about Ray Liotta again. Here's a little known Wilberteets factoid: Sometimes Ray Liotta, the actor, shows up in my dreams. He's usually playing a menacing bad guy of some sort. I don't know why I dream about Ray Liotta. I just do. I saw a dirty looking biker type guy that looked like Ray Liotta with long hair. He had handsome features, but he was awfully scrubby with grimey looking clothes and stuff. Anyway... this has reminded me of Ray Liotta, which will probably bring on a Ray-dream.

If Ray does a vanity search on google and sees this, he will know I dream about him. I'd like to request that he be a good guy next time. See what you can do for me, Ray.


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