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2004-03-21 - 12:02 p.m.

Meet Abby

This is my other dog "Abby". She is a sweet, nub-wagging, black hole of emotional need that can never be filled up. She needs, she needs, she neeeeeeds.

She is currently under treatment for heartworms. Like Dagget, she was exposed to heartworms, but unlike Dagget, she is a healthy dog otherwise, and her chances are about 95% that she will make it through treatment without dying. We are not out of the woods with her yet, so keep on sending those good thoughts and prayers. She is loving the extra attention. She is being hand fed, carried around, comforted and she is on my bed most of the time.

Abby hasn't been feeling too well, because the treatment is hard on a dog's system, but she is feeling better today, which makes it more difficult to keep her from running around. When she runs around, she starts coughing and that is what we are trying to avoid.

These pictures were taken with my phone cam so they are not the best quality, but you can see my little fur babies. I haven't taken a picture of the ferret yet, but I will soon. I have one more baby, and he is a cream point siamese cat named Possum. The baby calls him Posh.

Meet Posh:

There you have most of my fur babies. We have had a seriously traumatic week or so and I am about exhausted. I haven't taken a Valium today, and I think I might make it without it. Maybe we are on the mend.

Click HERE for an old entry about Dagget the snackwhore. Good times.

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