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2003-08-12 - 10:09 p.m.


Nocturnal greetings, My Forlorn,

Despair, dark and heavy sets upon my tortured soul this eve as the pall of death surrounds me. Hell's greedy maw lurches open and strains toward my twisted anguished being, sweating, palpitating in anticipation of my tender human flesh. How it sears my mind knowing death's cruel mercy is alas, once again, beyond my reach.

This mortal heap of plasma and bone aches to reunite with what was before and what will always be. My deepest desire remains to writhe into the damp earth amongst my brethren, the worms. To feel the sweet ecstacy of maggots roiling beneath the clammy pale flesh where blood runs no longer. Ashes to ashes dust to dust.

Yours in death's sweet agony,

Azrael Abyss

PS: If you see me at the mall on Friday night, don't call me Todd.

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