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2005-05-24 - 12:23 p.m.

The inspectors are digging like crazed garden weasels. Woohoo! And EEK!

Our administrator is sweating like a cub scout at Neverland Ranch. hehe

I had to use that line, because it is too funny and time appropriate to let go by. Jay Leno used it last night, but I saw it first here: porktornado . I hope my spiffy link-making move works. It didn't work last time I tried it. Wonder if Jay Leno reads Dusty. hehe.

Something just occurred to me: Maybe The gloved one thought he could get away with something because just maybe he has been building an elaborate ruse for many years, wearing the big glove, talking in the high voice... maybe he thought the drunk kids would forget what had really happened to them during the "sleepover" and think that Mickey Mouse fondled them in their dreams.

Think about it... I can just see the kid testifying and not convincing the jury with this story:

"I don't know... maybe it was Michael.. maybe it was Mickey Mouse. All I remember is a theme park, a big glove, and a tall figure that was black and white and spoke with a really high voice."

"And he touched my peepee."

I'm stopping now.

You have just experienced a stupid moment. Apparently brought on by stress. I have become silly and my brow-beaten psyche is searching for escape.


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