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2006-09-24 - 6:38 p.m.

So I emerged from my lair and asked my sister, myramains, "What day is it?"

Pretty telling, no?

That sounds worse than it actually is, since I knew the answer would be Saturday or Sunday. But still...

I'm afflicted. Utterly and completely.

So be it. I'm not so afflicted that I don't go to real life work, YET. Har har.

I've not eaten hardly a thing all weekend. I am about to eat actual food when Myra gets home with it. Woot.

Oh, Mr. Joshua Cronon.... Miss Scarlett was calling to make your acquaintence in-world. (Sent an IM while you were offline) I hope we can meet one of these days. I am certain I will be out of pocket this evening, because I have a hot date, in-world. hehe. Let me know when a good time to catch you online would be and I'll see if I can make it. You can leave this info in my comments here.

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