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2004-03-01 - 12:22 a.m.

I was infested with adware.

I just ran Norton and found 10 instances of adware running on my system. I deleted it all, and now the links are gone.

I guess that means none of you saw the infuriating little links all over my entries and my last entries probably looks kinda funny in light of this new development.


Apparently, the adware gets on your system and puts those links on there for that one unfortunate user to see and click on and hopefully buy things.

Boy are they wasting their efforts on me. There's no way I'd spend money with some jackass outfit that forced their ad on me like that.

Ok, I'm leaving the stupidity up as a learning tool for all you people who may not know this can happen to you.

I am more and more happy about this Norton software I have. I'm going to run it again and see if I missed anything. I stopped it partway through to see if the links were gone and they were. Yay.


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