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2003-12-01 - 10:08 a.m.


Me and Myra were like 2 fresh loaves of Wonderbread. We spent a lot of time naked with strangers, but hey, that's what you do at a spa. Right? That's what we did at the spa.

Oh Yeah. It was fine.

We had the thermal bath in the healing waters.... we had 3 full body massages each...we ate the food... we drank the drinks... myra is a liar, so don't believe her entry... when she writes one, she may say something about me and some peach schnapps, but that would all be a crazy lie.

Today I am sore and wishing I was getting another massage.


We have many tales to tell. We laughed a whole lot. We saw a coupla beavers which definitely should not have been on display.

A new catch-phrase was coined.

We were massaged within an inch of our very lives. I shall give details later today... after work. My work is stacked up, naturally.

More Hot Springs! More I say!!

See you later!


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