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2004-05-19 - 10:53 p.m.

I am back from Pokeno night and I won the top prize tonight! My new friends are going to hate me soon and they're not going to want to let me play anymore at this rate. Last time I took second place and this time the biggy. I got to choose what I wanted from all the prizes. I chose this cool little copper looking thingy that kind of looks like a bird feeder, but it actually is a pretty candle thing. I can put a citronella candle in it and hang it outside on the deck area. It's pretty and it has a colored glass hurricane lamp part that will be pretty with a candle flickering inside it. This picture doesn't do it justice, because you can't really tell what it looks like and the colors are not showing, but here's a basic outline of the thing:

It's about a foot high and it's pretty heavy. I like it. I'm glad I got to choose, because the other things were all things I wouldn't have wanted. There was a jewelry box that might be cool, but I already have a jewelry box.

I am having an easy week here. This town is fun. The people are nice. They include me in stuff and I like everyone here.

I am hoping this client doesn't plan to send me somewhere else right away, because I would like to go see if any "old associates" might want to hire me to come fix a ginormous problem they have. hehe... hehehe... muahahahaaaaa.

I want to cultivate some other clients too, but I certainly don't want to upset this one, because he has been so good to me.

Life is good.

Hang in there O.N., life is good. Eventually.

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