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2006-07-24 - 9:08 p.m.

From all the raving comments I received on yesterdays' entry about my wacky water-wheel dream, I figured out that what you guys really want is more cowbell AND for me to tell more of my dreams!

Luckily for you, I just happened to have a seriously bizarre dream last night and I typed it up in notepad. That's what I always do when I have a weird dream. I only tell you guys a weeeeee fraction of my dreams. I usually have quite a lot of funny dreams. As soon as I wake up from a memorable dream, I go type it up and later I read back through my dream files and can't believe some of the stuff I see. I type it real fast and I don't spell check it. So I get lots of laughs from some of the wack stuff I've hammered into the keyboard while I was half asleep.

Just now I edited the following dream for spelling errors and such. I had this dream last night:

I dreamed that I was out and ran into my friend, Loopy. (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) I invited her over to have dinner with me at my house. I was proud of what I had done with the place and was happy to see her. When she got there, I couldn't seem to get it together. Things weren't right, and I was taking a really long time to get the dinner out. While I was scrambling, she went out back and spotted another friend of hers and started chatting and visiting with her and I thought I had probably lost her for that visit. I was sort of embarrassed about how much I could not get it together.

(Go figure)

The house I was in was not the house I really have and even in the dream it was not my real house because I was in some kind of a reality show / contest, where I would be paired up with some wacky celebrity and I would have to treat them like a spouse and try to seriously make a household work with them. Whoever did the best, wins. I got Tommy Lee. At first I was happy about that, but then it was just like having a hyperactive child to keep up with. He was being nice to me, but he was completely nutty and had constant stupid ideas that I had to either convince him not to do, or put up with it. It was stressful. He was sort of mean to my little dogs, like a kid would be. He didn't seem to realize he was being mean, but he kept doing annoying things to them. He wanted to change the house in ways that I didn't like. He kept wanting to do prank-like things to me. I was not happy about it. He wanted to cut my hair, do something unpleasant to my butt involving a long stick pin, invite sleazy people over, etc.

At one point, he started telling me he had a really bad headache and he asked me if I had any kind of headache medicine on me. He grabbed my purse and started rummaging all through it and found a couple of really common over the counter medicines, not anything that I thought he'd be interested in. He took all my meds out of my purse and a few minutes later, his pupils were huge. I asked him what he did and he said he mixed it all a certain way and injected everything. I knew he was just trying to get high and didn't really have a headache. After that, he was really tough to deal with. He was messing up the house so fast that I couldn't keep up with all his messes. In the dream somewhere, we had a clear and normal conversation. He talked to me quietly for a good long while and he said a lot of nice things. He was telling me how it all went wrong with Pam Anderson and he said that she was just too fake. He said he loved her feet because that's the only thing she grew naturally and hadn't had surgically changed, inflated, or dyed. He seemed like a caring guy who didn't realize what a childish pain in the ass he was.

Suddenly, it was time on the show to judge the "homes". I had been confident earlier, but I was now regretting some things Tommy had done. I ruefully thought we couldn't win because he had messed up our house and stuff. I saw other couples who had done better than us. Their stuff was still intact. I wondered why I didn't kick his ass into shape. We were all outside walking from place to place and it was getting dark. When it was fully dark, some lights and christmasy jingle bells-y type noises came on and there were christmas decorations out in the yard. A sound track started playing christmas songs. Some little plastic santa and reindeer decorations were rigged to rise up from the ground and fly off as we all watched. They were all lighted. Big, fake, lit up, snowflakes were also rising up from the yard and flying away. It was like snow, falling up instead of down. At the end we could all hear "To all a Merry Christmas and to all a good night."

The End


In other important news: Today I obtained my tickets to see SEETHER!! I am thrilled to report that Staind, Three Days Grace, and Soil will all be there as well. This is going to be a big major show. I'd be happy if it was just going to be me and Shaun, but it should be a really fun night.

Myra knows the guy who does the sound stuff for the concerts and she asked me if she should try to get him to get me in there to "help" with the sound or just get me backstage... but I think I don't want to do that. I have this thing about meeting people I idolize. Famous people have a way of shattering your illusions and I'd rather keep my illusions intact.


I filed a lawsuit today. hehe. I'm going to sue that little gecko's ass off.

Even though I think the gecko is adorable.

Bitch owes me money.


Speaking of bitches who owe me money, I still am waiting for my money from the big ass-hat who owes me 8K, and I told the boss today that if I don't get my money soon, I'm going to sue the owner of our company's ass off too.

I haven't sued them so far, because they are letting me take advantage of them on the payroll side. As long as I am happy there, I am not so likely to rock the boat. So I'll probably hold off on my lawsuit until I am good and sick of it and when we part company, I'll sue them. And report everything I know to State and other government agencies. Maybe call the TV News...

They will either pay me my money, or they'll pay me my money plus court costs, plus they'll lose me and then they're really screwed.


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