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2004-04-21 - 8:52 p.m.

I am nearing the end of my work week. Tomorrow is my last day at the current facility and things have gone well. I found some more charts I could re-do for missed payment and when this week is over I will have produced approximately 50 grand for my client and I will have trained his people to do this job better in the future. I'll probably come back there to spot check them later on. I hope so... I've made some friends and gotten to know the area in these 2 weeks.

My sister, myramains, is just itching to take a little vacation somewhere. She suggested that we go to Hot Springs this weekend. Ordinarily, I would be thrilled to go any old time, but this weekend I'll be finally home from 2 weeks of travels and on Sunday, I leave again for a town 3 hours from home. I'll probably do 2 weeks there and then immediately move on to the next town, which is 3 hours south.

It sounds fun to go home and stay there all weekend. I don't think it would be too fun to travel home, take a road trip, and then get home from that on Sunday and turn right around to leave on my work trip. Plus, Abby the pooch would be devastated. She gets beside herself when I come home. She needs her quality time with mommy.

Yesterday my client told me he bought 2 more facilities for me to go audit. So who knows when I'll be home for more than a weekend. So far, I love it. One of these days this madness will come to an end. I intend to keep it going for as long as I can, because it is very lucrative.

The asshole who owned the hospital I used to work for could have pimped out my consulting services to other hospital owners for huge amounts of money, but he doesn't think much and not only did he miss that opportunity, he didn't even realize it existed. He had my loyalty and my services for a fraction of what he should have paid and now he would have to pay me 4 times what I used to accept from him as payment. Plus, he would have to wait for weeks or months to get my help, even if he had the money and even if I wanted to help him. I am otherwise obligated now.

What a dummy he are.

I am so much happier now. My consulting business could very suddenly fall on hard times, but that's how life is. I am happy as a clam and actually enjoying the work I am doing. So as long as I can keep doing this, it is worth it. Hopefully, one thing will just keep leading to another. For now, I am all booked up and happily swamped with things to do.

I must go call my mom. I feel like I haven't talked to her enough lately.

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