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2007-07-05 - 1:36 p.m.


I was going to rant on, rather unkindly, about how much I hate that shitty Lennon remake by Green Day, and all other songs performed for good causes... but I lost it.



So maybe I was not supposed to spew forth with my nasty opinion on that matter.


I just got back from an hour and a half search for an Office Depot. Can you believe that shit?? Ordinarily, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Office Depot, but just let me NEED one and there's not a branch to be found. I don't know where everything is yet in this new home of mine but I'm learning! I now know where they hide the Depot o' Offices.

When I finally found the place, guess what happened? Not much... cause they didn't have what I needed. I had to settle for a crappy substitute because time is of the essence. We think our big inspection is going to happen next week. There's no time to be picky.

The Binkster is coming to see me tonight and I am happy about that. She is going to stay all weekend and get the new city experience. Mostly, we are just going to hang out and eat stuff. Woot. She wants me to make her a chicken pot pie from scratch and she has a recipe she wants to make for me.

I went to the fireworks in my new town, all by myself. I'll be glad when I make a friend. haha. I decided not to stay in just because I am a friendless loner in a strange new city. Color me pitiful.

I have to start slinging charts together around this place and read and memorize my policy & procedure manual before 4:30 pm. It's almost 2. I think I can do it! Har Har.

It's ok... I'll whip out the magic when the time comes.

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