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2007-07-18 - 10:30 a.m.

I posted a big comment in a dear friend's blog today and I thought it was particularly insightful, if I do say so myself... so I'm going to copy and paste this bit of inspiration for you guys to enjoy. (Or scoff at if you must.) Here goes:

"My mother has this mirror that enlarges things 10 times their normal size and lights it up. This mirror doesn't make her happy. It amplifies imperfections that normally sighted people would never even see. I think the reason happy people are happy might be because they are not viewing life through the 10X magnifier. hehehehe. If it sounds like I am suggesting that people frollick through life semi-blindly, enjoying their experiences as much as possible and not looking at the shitty details... it's only because I am. Maybe the difference between Type A people and Type B people is the level at which they scrutinize the world around them and see the imperfections."

I believe that. It is the reason why most of the time I can be happy and content even in the midst of shitty circumstances. I have a lot to be thankful for, but everyone has their times when they feel down. Mine is totally hormonal. I can sort of predict when I will have my "everything is shit" mood. If that mood sneaks up on me, I immediately know what time it is.

You know... the presence of hormonally altered moods, PMS, and all that rot is utter proof that life is about your perception of it and not about what actually happens. I will be on top of the world one day, energetic, happy, thankful, optimistic, and a few days later I am in my little black cloud phase, feeling insecure, worrying about things, feeling a sense of dread. My circumstances will be exactly identical on these two days. The difference is my hormones causing an alteration in my perceptions of my reality. You might ask yourself if I am delusional when I am happy, and perhaps my circumstances are actually shitty... God knows I have. hehe

But it doesn't matter does it? My perception is that overall, I am blessed and happy and optimistic. I am happy 28 days out of 30. That's pretty good odds.

May you all blur your life mirrors just enough to enjoy life and stop scrutinizing and judging harshly those little imperfections that other people can't even see.

Happy happy, joy joy.

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