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2004-11-12 - 1:08 p.m.

My dog is crazy. She thinks she is an anteater. She's actually quite convinced of it. I think she has convinced the ants, too.

These ants built an ant hill right up against my house and a few ants have come inside. Seeing ants in my bathroom is what alerted me to the fact that the ants built too close to my house.

Abby sits right in the bathroom doorway and watches the floor very closely. When she sees an ant, she's all over it, like a cheap suit. She pounces, and gobbles up the ant.

The funny thing is, the ants are gone now. I knocked down the anthill and there are no more ants coming in, but Abby is still on a stake out. She spends some time every day watching for ants. She pounces the occasional imaginary ant.

Amy, of so-charming fame, was the lucky winner who landed on this page when it clicked over to 50,000 hits. I'll bet Amy was really surprised when 50,000 balloons fell from her ceiling. All the confetti probably made a mess too, and confused her cats.

Here's to 50,000 more clicks!

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