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2006-05-24 - 12:43 a.m.

It occurs to me that my previously posted entry for tonight was in poor taste when considering my many D-Land friends who are happily in love right now. I've been a bit of a downer.

So you love birds... ignore all that unpleasantness I said earlier. I.. uh... didn't mean it?

Ok, I did mean it, but my harsher comments were brought on by my own sorry set of circumstances and particularly fueled tonight by my realization that most men (not all) seem to be unscrupulous horn dogs and you cannot trust what they say when in their state of horn doggedness... for they are beastly and lie-tastic. I also am dismayed at my steadfast talent for attracting that which I do not want or need while what I do want evades me brilliantly.

Clearly, I am going to be the weird cat lady one day.


That mysterious "forever love" is possible, it's just exceedingly rare. It takes 2 people who are each as committed and devoted to the relationship as the other. After the thrill wears off, there is real life to manage. You can't let anything else get in between your primary love relationship. You really have to guard it and make it sacred. Life constantly tries to wedge itself between people. If you let life, or pride, or petty hurts, or anything at all get between you and stay there, all is lost.

Make a better outcome. Know the danger is there so you can avoid it.

My name is Dr. Phil, and I'll be here all week.

har har

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