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2003-10-03 - 1:10 p.m.


Looks like I'm going to pull through. I am at work right now, but we are having an employee appreciation BBQ here today and someone brought a karaoke machine.

Our facility has 2 owners. The mean one didn't show up. (yay) but the goofy one did show up, and he is officially "the whitest man on earth".

He just regaled us with his version of "Ice Ice Baby". He couldn't even keep up with the beat at the beginning, much less say any of the lyrics in time with it. His rendition of the song consisted of him reading the lyrics, about 2 sentences behind where he was supposed to be.


Yep, he shamelessly broke it down for us. Very funny. Utterly lacking in rhythm and vocal ability. Now we fully understand why he owns a hospital instead of pursuing a musical career. What he lacks in talent, he certainly makes up for in misguided effort.

He's a sport.

I have a feeling of well-being today, because the weather is great, Autumn has rolled in, and I am getting well. I've been walking in the valley of death with this cold, but I have definite signs of recovery today.


An ER moment:

I am so relieved that Luka is not really dead. Whew! But **sob** they went and left my honeyman, Dr. Carter, my second husband, my sweet baby, in the freakin Congo. WTF?? I certainly HOPE this is not their way of writing him out of the show.

Ya know, if Trent Reznor is reading this, he could be feeling pretty devastated right now, because he has been thinking he was the only one. But I am such a loving woman, that I have room in my heart for more than just one.

And God likes love, ya'll.

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