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2004-10-25 - 4:05 a.m.

Hold up, G. Something weird is going on...

You may remember that I recently posted a little something about Ashley Simpson pulling a Milli Vanilli while serving as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live... First she lip-synchs like both Milli AND Vanilli... then the band starts up the wrong song... the very same song they had already done... and girlfriend dorked around for a bit before going completely teen-fabulous and running off stage. It was funny and horrible for this poor girl who had to be embarrassed on live TV.

Well, color me surprised, but I got approximately 167 google hits from that entry in the past 24 hours!! That is, 167 different computers googled ashley simpson and came to my diary. I noticed my hits were way up on my stats and so I checked the referral sources.


I'm number 3 under googles for Ashley Simpson lip-synching, according to one search I happened to follow back.

People are a lot more interested in that than I thought they would be.

Totally new topic:

I have a silly confession to make. I have developed the most school-girly crush on the lead singer of "Seether". Good grief. I'm embarrassed to admit it. 'Cause I'm too grown to be getting crushes on singers, dontcha know. But Damn. It's the talent... the voice... plus he reminds me of my guy in Philly. Apparently I am attracted to young hairy guys who are a little on the meaty side.

Google "seether" and go to their official website. You can watch some of their videos. "Broken" with Amy Lee is my favorite song right now and I also love "Fine Again" And every damn thing else they do. On AOL music you can watch an AOL session that really shows how fantastic they are. They do 3 songs and they are just wonderful. I'll bet they liked Nirvana. You can hear it all over them, especially on "Gasoline" Sounds like Curt Cobain came back to do another song.


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